Brijesh Bittu

Brijesh Bittu

Software Engineer

Helpshift Technologies



  • Agent Dashboard Managment (Helpshift)
    • Ported YUI implementation of main UI to ReactJS.
  • Custom CMS Frontend
    • Built the full frontend using React, React-Router, and also built some of the backend (Using python and flask.
    • Used my React Component (Kattappa) for providing rich text editing of article contents.
  • Current website of
    • Python (Flask)
    • Vue.js for frontend
  • Search Engine of Scroll
    • Python (Flask for serving requests and whoosh for search indexing and querying)
    • Indexes the article's title, summary, author and keywords and returns matching results according to the query provided.
  • Imagebank for in-content images with feature to index, search and crop images and import them into the CMS.
    • Python (Pillow for image manipulation, Flask for http-server, boto to save images to S3)
    • React, React-router, Redux for the frontend client
  • Others:
    • Built the 1st version of Scroll's Android app (v1.x).
    • Newsletter Management dashboard, Freelancer Payment dashboard and numerous small tools.

Personal (Active on Github)

  • medium-draft - A medium like rich text editor built using draft-js with an emphasis on eliminating mouse usage by adding relevant keyboard shortcuts. (Currently being used by a number of developers in their frontend)
  • Medium style confirm - An alternative for javascript alert, confirm and prompt.
  • Kattappa - A block-based rich text editor (being used in the internal CMS of Scroll). [Github]
  • Jekyll Themes
  • Others:
    • Yapper - A blog engine using Python with flask
    • Blurt - A replacement for javascript dialogs.
    • Minor contributions to



  • Javascript
    • NodeJS for use with client side tooling libraries
    • Proficient in Vanilla JS
    • Javascript libraries including jQuery and underscore
    • JS frameworks include high proficiency in React and its associated libraries.
    • Experience with ES6 used in conjuction with babel.
  • Python - (With high proficiency) flask web framework, SQLAlchemy (ORM)
  • Frontend: SCSS & LESS (CSS Preprocessors), CSS, HTML5
  • Other Languages: C, C++, Java


  • High proficiency in Webpack
  • Frontend asset building and task runner with Gulp, and dependency management with Browserify.
  • Git - Version Control
  • AWS, DigitalOcean - Cloud Code Deployment


2010 - 2014

Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering

First class with Distinction


2017 (May - Present)

Helpshift Technologies

Software Engineer (Frontend)

2015 (January) - 2017 (May)

Scroll Media Inc

Software Engineer (Full Stack)